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exo drabbles. (001)

Title: Top Secret
Rating: G
Pairing: Chanyeol/Kai
Genre: AU
Word Count: 335
Summary: Chanyeol and Kai are just used to each other.

“Tell me again why I got stuck on this mission with you?” Jongin groaned from the passenger seat of the car.

“Because me and you were the only ones not assigned to anything at the time,” Chanyeol replied with a grin, easily steering the vehicle along the roads.

It was another day, another mission, and Chanyeol and Jongin (or more commonly known as Kai while working) were partnered up again.

“Remind me to kill Joonmyun hyung later, will you? He needs to start giving me other things to do so I don’t have to be stuck with you for every last minute mission.”

A loud laughter rang out in the silence that had previously overtaken the ride, a twisted up face accompanying the sound.

“You don’t like my company?” the taller boy questioned, an amused tone underlying his inquiry.

“Your company is good for things like parties or when you’re bored but definitely not when we’re supposed to be top secret agents undercover,” Jongin explained, gesturing towards the elder’s height and unruly, bright orange-brown hair as proof.

“Hey! I was told to look this way specifically for this mission!” Chanyeol retorted with eyes still focused on the empty roads ahead. Kai rolled his eyes in return and shrugged, turning to look out the window. What he noticed was only a little alarming but enough to make him draw his gun and throw a side-glance at Chanyeol.

“3… 2… 1!”

The car swerved and made a u-turn as the window on the passenger side rolled down.

One shot.
Two shots.
Three shots.

The sound of tires screeching, a small scream in the distance, and a satisfied smile on the younger’s lips was Chanyeol’s cue to make another turn and carry on to their original mission, as if nothing had even happened moments ago.

The duo found themselves falling back into a comfortable silence, a quiet hum filling up the car. Minutes passed before words were spoken.

“And that is why we get put on missions together.”

★ ☆ ★

Title: Halloween
Rating: G (mention of something that could be PG-13 but not really)
Pairing: Lay/Chen (Yixing/Jongdae), ninja!XiuHan, ninja!BaekYeol
Genre: attempts at comedy, idk
Word Count: 552
Summary: When a best friend meets a best friend.

October 31 marks the date of Kris’ annual Halloween party. There weren’t many people at his parties--usually just twelve, including the party host himself, were ever present at them since he first started throwing them.

“Remember that costumes are required,” Jongdae read aloud from the invitation. “Well, I guess that’s that, then…” he said to himself, reaching for his cell phone from his jeans pocket. After waiting through five rings, he heard a ‘click’ and the other lined picked up.

“Hello?” the receiver asked.

“Yo Minseok,” he greeted. “What are you dressing up as for the party?”

“I don’t know… my roommate keeps telling me to dress up as a food item but he’s insane, so no one really listens to him,” he replied before being interrupted (I’m not insane! You would just look really cute like that!). A sigh was heard as the male returned to the phone, “What about you?”

Another pause.

“You think that if I knew what I was going to dress up as, that I’d call and ask you?” the slightly taller man snapped.

“Wow, someone’s feeling extra sassy today…” Minseok muttered from the other side. A snort was heard in the background.

“I can hear you, Baozi…” the younger stated.

“Congrats, that means your hearing is still good,” he teased. “Anyways, do you want to come costume shopping with me and Luhan? You’ve met Luhan before, right?”

Memory recalls that Luhan was that doe-eyed boy whose face definitely did not match the personality or body that it was attached to, and was too pretty for any guy to be.

“The one who was clinging to you at the party Tao threw a few weeks ago?” Jongdae asked to clarify.

“That’s the one,” his best friend confirmed.

“Sure, why not, then.”

Ten minutes later, Minseok dropped by Jongdae’s apartment along with Luhan to pick him up and the trio drove around town, going in and out of stores to find costumes for the upcoming party.

A week later, the night had arrived.

“Hey, look at what Chanyeol and Baekhyun are dressed up as,” Luhan pointed out.

Jongdae and Minseok looked to where Luhan had directed and low and behold, the trouble making couple were dressed as Jessie and James from Team Rocket.

“I see that Baekhyun is dressed as the girl again,” a voice came from behind them.

The trio craned their necks to find Yixing, Luhan’s (very attractive but equally spacey-looking) best friend, dressed as a unicorn, sparkly horn on his forehead and all.

The two Chinese boys exchanged a look and before Jongdae could even say 'what?,' Minseok was being ushered away by Luhan with the lure of food while Yixing sidled up beside the Korean and gave him a smile, dimples and all.

“Just a question,” Jongdae asked suddenly, causing Yixing to give him a curious look. The boy nodded anyways, telling the other to continue. “Does the size of the unicorn horn on your head have any relation to the size of… a certain something else?”

The wavy-haired boy stared at him with his typical confused expression before a light went off in his head. A smirk appeared on his face as he responded in the most casual way he could. “Do you want to find out?”

The Korean matched the smirk on the former’s face. "Lead the glitter way, my unicorn.”

★ ☆ ★

Title: Honey
Rating: G
Pairing: Xiumin/Lay
Genre: mild-crack
Word Count: 562
Summary: When Xiumin and Lay have a try at role-playing a married couple.

It was just another regular day in the EXO-M dorms. Kris was in his room doing God knows what (because no one bothers to find out); Tao was doing yoga in his room; Lay was also in his room, playing the guitar and writing songs; Luhan and Chen were in the living room playing video games, and Xiumin was in the kitchen, looking for something to eat when they got a visit from their manager.

“Guys, gather up in the living room, right now!”

No one wanted to disobey Manager (all for different reasons) so everyone dropped what they were doing and rushed to the meeting place in record time.

Once everyone was present, the manager smiled and clapped his hands. “Now, I know today is your day off but the higher ups decided that they wanted to make a small web show of sorts, featuring EXO and they want to shoot some scenes for it today, here in the dorms.”

As his reason for his appearance was revealed, a few members groaned inwardly because as expected of SM idols, somehow they still managed to have work even on their days off. However, like the good rookies that EXO-M were, they all nodded their heads in understanding.

“Question,” Luhan piped up from his seat on the couch next to Chen, waiting for Manager’s approval to signal he could continue (which Manager did). “Is the web show one that just follows us around the dorms like a ‘Day in the Life of EXO’ thing?” he asked.

“Ah, I’m glad you asked!” he replied. “For the most part, yes, but they also want some parts to be scripted and they’ll also give ideas on what to do sometimes but you guys decide how to take and interpret those ideas. For example, today they wanted two of you to role-play as a married couple as kind of fan service for the first episode. So who’s going to do it?”

The manager looked expectantly at the members but when no one volunteered, Kris stood up and took charge.

“Alright, everyone up,” he ordered. “We’ll draw straws; the two with the shortest will be the ones to do it. Clear?”

Everyone nodded so the manager went off to prepare the straws and came back with 6 of them in his hands, the tops of the straws aligned with each other while the bottoms were covered, and let each member pick.


“Can someone shut him up?” Kris muttered, although no one heard him because the rest were too busy checking their own straws.

Sighs of relief were heard from two of the other members, and even Kris let out a small smile after seeing that his straw was not the shortest. However, the two remaining members looked from their straws to one another and sighed, for a much different reason than the previous ones.

“The law of the straws has spoken: Xiumin and Lay will be the lucky picks,” the manager announced.

The two mentioned nodded sadly, finding no use in fighting back, as they accepted encouraging words and actions from their group mates.

Xiumin turned towards Lay and gave him a weak smile. “I guess this means you’re my honey~?” he asked, practicing in a disgustingly sweet tone. Lay shivered but nodded slowly.

“I guess so, honey~”

author's note : WOW I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WAS ON WHEN I WAS WRITING THESE LAST NIGHT TBH??? My internet was half-working and I needed to kill some time, so I used the EXO Pairing Generator (or tried to because internet) and came up with this... Please forgive me if they suck TT_TT