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Below are all my fics I've written sorted by fandom, by fic type, then by date with most recent at the bottom (unless its a series of oneshots, then they will be grouped together). Right now, I only have exo fics but that's just because it's the only group I'm interested in writing fics for~ Fics marked with an * are ones that are on my personal lj. Just for reference purposes, to me: Drabbles = under 1k | One Shots = over 1k

[ EXO ]

i knew* | baekhyun/chanyeol | pg | crack, fluff | 1277w
→ In which Park Chanyeol runs a blog dedicated to Byun Baekhyun, the fabulous eyeliner-wearing member of SM Entertainment’s new group.

stale food | suho/kai | pg-15 | university!au, comedy, fluff | 2632w
→ Joonmyun is XO Academy's student body president and Jongin is the self-appointed light-of-Joonmyun's-life.

steamed buns* | xiumin/luhan | g | fluff | 553w
→ Luhan works at a food store that sells steamed buns and Minseok is the always hungry and loyal customer.

top secret | chanyeol/kai | g | au | 335w
→ Chanyeol and Kai are just used to each other.

halloween | lay/chen (yixing/jongdae), ninja!xiumin/luhan, ninja!baekhyun/chanyeol | g | no genre | 552w
→ When a best friend meets a best friend.

honey | xiumin/lay | g | mild-crack | 562w
→ When Xiumin and Lay have a try at role-playing a married couple.

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